About Us

Masterscore Music has been creating instrumental, orchestral, and vocal works for clients for over twenty years. We got our start in focusing on the score and jingle needs for adverstising clients nationwide in 2000.

Through the years we have composed, arranged, and produced for clients around the world for commercial, corporate, and record label use.

Composer, arranger, and producer John Eric Copeland created Masterscore Music in 2000, and continues to serve clients around the world full-time. Copeland leads a team of world class veteran session players, composers, producers, engineers, and vocalists mostly located and working in Nashville, but also in Orlando, and with artists around the nation and the world.

Copeland also works as a composer, and executive producer for his various music companies Creative Soul Records, Creative Soul Jazz, and Positive Spin Songs.

Contact John Eric Copeland at MasterscoreMusic@gmail.com