About Us

Masterscore is John Eric Copeland (founder, composer, arranger, keyboards) and Brian Green (composer, arranger, keyboards).

With over 50 years combined professional experience between them, and thousands of songs under the bridge, these two composers and arrangers now focus on music for use: TV, film, advertising, and more.

Both have been composing, arranging, and producing music for clients worldwide for over 25 years out of Nashville, Los Angeles, and Orlando.

Copeland has a master's degree in music composition and has composed everything from jazz, pop, gospel, piano, reggae, classical, and more. He currently works for libraries and music companies in addition to his stable to music artists on his label Creative Soul Records. Copeland is also the executive producer of Positive Spin Songs, another busy music licensing company with a growing catalog. 

Green is a Grammy-nominee and has been a staple in the Nashville music scene for over 25 years, chiefly as a go-to programmer for orchestral work, but also just about any style you can imagine from gospel, pop, rock, world, and children's music, to scoring for his own family-owned film and television production company. Green also has toured with many artists including a long-time touring spot as keyboardist for Nashville gospel artist Steven Curtis Chapman.

Together, they are developing a growing catalog of music in many styles for use in advertising, television, film, and more.